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Island wide agent of organic fertilizer and agro chemicals

NCH Biotech Pvt Ltd introducing you all an organic, environment-friendly, highly effective fertilizer range named as, “Biobullet”, “Hori GrowPlus”, “Eco Max” and “ CalciMag”.

Each fertilizer leads to,

  • increase the crop yield significantly
  • Reduce the cost of fertilizer and insecticides in about three times
  • Can convert your current infertile soil, into a nutrient and microorganism’s rich soil
  • Very less fertilizer waste and so effective due to the form of the fertilizer other than granulated fertilizer
  • Can completely replace inorganic fertilizer with this new product range
  • Enhance the plant germination, photosynthesis, flowering, and fruiting
  • Enrich the soil biodiversity and improve the resistance against pest and diseases

The distribution channels are now open all over the country and it’s your turn to try this.

Feel the difference of this harmless fertilizer which is further acts as an insect repellent due to its odor. All the green consumers are welcome!