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Service Detail

Landscape designing and construction

Being the experts in landscaping, we carry out outdoor and indoor plant scaping process of any suitable area. We are keen about providing a top-notch experience for any type of exterior and interior space. Our experienced landscaping experts will take care of the entire process from plant selection to installation for increasing the attractiveness of the landscape through our landscape designing.

  • Outdoor Landscaping
  • No matter wherever you live, we can perfectly design and create your outdoor with latest technologies to make the perfect look

  • Interior Landscaping
  • We offer attractive landscaping solutions for any area of your interior, from right plant selection to pot selection and placement including balconies and roof garden

  • Garden Maintenance service
  • We take over the maintenance procedures for handling gardens and indoor plants with care. The frequent maintenance of the completed landscapes is carrying out as per the customer requirement in order to keep the beautiful, evergreen landscape over years.

  • Irrigation services and landscape lightning
  • The irrigation and lightning services of the landscapes are providing with novel approaches to enhance the property value and to uplift the overall quality of the landscape

  • Turf care (Lawn Care)
  • This is the area where grass is grown as a green carpet for a landscape and is the basic feature of any garden.  It serves to enhance the beauty of the garden and link all the components together. Therefore, proper lawn maintenance plays a crucial part in any landscape design. A beautiful well-maintained lawn can make the entire landscape look good, whereas a lawn that is not maintained can completely ruin its beauty. So, NCH gives priority in maintain the lawn in a good balance.

  • Balcony and rooftop gardening
  • The ideal solution in urban homes to keep the environment so green and beautiful. Due to the limited area availability in urban home setups, this concept is a timely need. NCH provide you a complete solution for the balcony and rooftop gardening with 10+ years’ experience all over the country.